Centering Pregnancy: An interview with Amanda Pettiford, CMA

Cara Wolf Patient Education

Amanda Pettiford, CMA has been working with the Regional Midwives since 2014. She has worked at all of our office locations, but is now primarily located at Durham Women’s Clinic Brier Creek. She is the Centering Pregnancy coordinator at this office. Her jobs include scheduling, promoting, organizing, and co-facilitating Centering Pregnancy. We’ve interviewed her for some more details about Centering and what she enjoys most about it.


What is Centering Pregnancy to you?

Centering Pregnancy to me is a group of women getting together to learn and converse about different pregnancy and postpartum topics, all while under the care of a midwife.

How does Centering Pregnancy work?

Centering Pregnancy is very similar to regular office visits, although typical office visits are 15 minutes, while Centering gives you and hour and a half with your group and midwife. There are 10 sessions, the first three sessions your group will meet monthly. The rest of the sessions your group will meet every two weeks. At each session you will take your own vitals and then have your time on the mat with the midwife while she listens to the baby and measures your belly. The remainder of the session will be spent discussing the topic of the session.

What is your role with Centering?

I am the co-facilitator for Centering. I communicate with the patients, speakers and put together patients charts. I ensure that each session runs smoothly.

What do you think couples get most of out Centering?

I think couples love the bond they have with other couples in the group. Couples also learn so much about their pregnancies, the labor process and postpartum period. Couples often comment how they felt so prepared after experiencing Centering.   

What is your favorite part of Centering?

My favorite part of Centering is watching the groups form a bond with each other and I personally love getting to know each Centering group member.

What is one thing you’d like everyone to know about Centering?

I would like everyone to know that Centering is the best thing you can do for your pregnancy. It brings strangers together and establishes a bond that can last for life.

If there is one thing you could change about Centering what would it be?

I would like for our practice to offer Centering Parenting to our patients and I wish we had more time at each session for discussion.

If someone was interested in centering what should they do/who should they contact?

If someone is interested in Centering they should let their nurse and/or provider know and they will forward the patients information onto me so I can contact them about signing up.


Check out more about Centering Pregnancy from the Centering Institute.