Get to know our newest Nurse Midwife, Stacie Diette, MSN, CNM

Cara Wolf News

Stacie joined Regional Midwifery in November 2017 after completing a Masters of Nursing through Frontier Nursing School [first school of Midwifery in the U.S].

You may have met prior to this…..she earned clinical hours for her program by following us in the clinic. You may have been lucky enough to have her attend your delivery, she’s worked at Duke Regional Hospital for many years before becoming a nurse mwidwife.

Today we’ve put Stacie on the spot, here’s what she had to say….


How long have you been in nursing? How has this experience impacted your decision to become a nurse midwife? 

 I have been a nurse for 17 years. I have worked in many areas such as nursing homes, pediatrics, med/surg, and women’s health. I started my nursing career as an LPN in nursing homes and then got in to a hospital. It was then I floated to postpartum that I knew I wanted to do women’s health. I was told you had to be an RN to work in labor and delivery so I knew then I needed to go back to school. After many years I became a registered nurse and began working women’s health. It wasn’t till I began labor and delivery that I knew I couldn’t stop there. I had to become a midwife so I could not only deliver babies and be a part of this special event in a couples lives but to form lifelong bonds with women’s and their families throughout their life span.  

You continued to work while going to school, how did you do this? What was the hardest part?

 I did work Full time during school.  I worked nights, slept very little and sacrificed a lot of time.  The hardest part was missing time with my family to focus on studying and testing.  I had to miss several sporting events and cookouts but it was all worth it. I do think having a background in women’s health helped me some but I had so much to learn.  

How has your transition been in the office, when will we be seeing you at the hospital? 

My transition to the office has been amazing. I was so nervous leaving the hospital setting.  I was a student in the office so the staff has been so welcoming and supportive. The midwives are like my sisters. They have all helped me in this journey and took me in with open arms.  

I will begin catching babies at Duke Regional hospital the middle to end of January. 

You have 4 children, whats it like? How do you juggle being a mom and working full time? 

Most of the time if it pure chaos, but very controlled chaos. My children are going to be 18, 15, 12, and 4 ½. So I have one that will start kindergarten next year and one that will start college. I spend A LOT of time at their sporting events, lots of soccer, wrestling, and cheer. I love it and can’t imagine it any other way.  It is difficult working full time with four children but I have an amazing supportive husband that is very involved in their activities as I am so we try and balance everything out. 


What do you like to do for fun? What does your self care involve? 

I enjoy spending time at my kids sporting events, reading a good book, relaxing by the pool, and date nights with my husband. I have been in school for so long I am finally getting back to these things.  

Self care? Ummm I try and squeeze in a shower when I can and cover up my greys at the salon every 6 weeks. 


If you were on “Call the Midwife”, which midwife would you be? Why? 

This is a great question and one of my favorite shows. I think I would probably be Trixie. She and I both are very outgoing, have some sass, love to have fun with friends, enjoy dancing, and are passionate about what we do.  

Who has been a mentor or inspiration to you in becoming a midwife, why? 

All the midwives at Regional Midwifery, now and those that had been their prior, such as Pam Borden and Jualeah Early. Working side by side with them over the years had inspired me to go back to school and pursue my dream. They and all the midwives that took the time to teach me during my clinical rotations mentored and inspire me everyday.  

If you were not a midwife, what do you think you would do as a back-up career? 

If I hadn’t become a midwife I would have been a labor and delivery nurse forever. That had always been my passion before midwifery. 


Anything you’d like to share that we should know about you? 

I grew up in southern NH, about 45 min outside Boston MA. Being a “yankee” I can be loud and sarcastic, but I am also  kind, caring, and passionate about my work.