Writing your Birth Story with Regional Midwifery

Cara Wolf Patient Education

A time to remember…

The experience of your child’s birth is one of the most important events of your life. While the memory of pain may ultimately fade over time, and some of the details get foggy, your birth experience remains a part of you forever. Writing down your birth story is often a therapeutic way to reflect upon and process the events.

Remembering the details and sharing in the joys and challenges of childbirth will allow you to commemorate the day to share with your child. “Tell me about when I was born!” is a story that we never outgrow.

Usually, the story is a record of celebration. Many women are able to appreciate that labor is a personal journey toward motherhood, and maintain a sense of humor. Some may have negative emotions about their birth, and it helps to remember and understand why and how events unfolded, particularly if they did not go as planned.

At Regional Midwifery, we cherish your birth stories. As midwives, we appreciate and learn from every birth story we read. We are grateful when someone takes the time to write and share. Understanding a woman’s perspective in her own words helps us better care for women and families.

If you are comfortable sharing your story with others, “real” stories can be very comforting to other pregnant women. Moms have the opportunity to share their birth story on our website so please send us a copy to publish if you’d like!
Your story doesn’t have to be complicated or elaborate. We’ve created a template you can use to jot down details and ideas, or to follow as an outline to get started.


Download our Birth Story PDF to get started!


If you are interested in sharing your birth story to our website please send it by email to regionalmidwifery@gmail.com